Why Make a New Kia Model Your Next New Ride in Smithtown?

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Can your daily commute only be described as "dull" even on a good day? Have weekend outings lost their spark? If so, it might be time to liven things up with a brand-new Kia model! Here at Smithtown Kia, we have just the thing to enhance your driving experience and bring some excitement back to your moments spent behind the wheel. Whether you're in the market for an elegant sedan, capable SUV, family-friendly minivan, a sporty compact car, or even a hybrid or electric vehicle, have you covered.

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Front Wheel Drive vs Rear Wheel Drive Technology Explained

Rear-wheel drive technology was the first and only type of vehicle available for many years. Rear-wheel drive pushes the car from the power of the rear wheels, leaving the front wheels to control the steering. With front-wheel drive, both the power and steering are the job of the front wheels.

Front-wheel drive vehicles have risen in popularity because they are cheaper to manufacture and handle better for the average driver in slippery road conditions. With the power and steering in the front,there's no need for a large drive-shaft. 

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Extreme Temperatures: Harsh on Your Car's Battery

Many people would swear that car batteries check their internal calendars and schedule their time to die in the coldest moments of winter. Others would argue that the heat of the summer shortens the lifespan of the battery even more so than the frigid cold. Who is correct? In reality, both perspectives can be correct because extreme temperatures are really the culprit.

Lead acid batteries used in cars are typically designed to perform at their best in the mid-range temperatures that are most common. 

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Your Brake Pads Are Crucial to Stopping Your Vehicle

There is no question that your brakes are an extremely important piece of safety equipment on your vehicle. Without a good set of brakes driving becomes downright unsafe. That is why it is so important to be able to properly monitor them so that you can recognize when they have worn down to the point that they need to be serviced.

Without having a clear basic understanding of how they work it can be hard to know what you are looking for though. Your brake pads are the heart of the system. These are what actually cause your vehicle to…

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The Importance of Tire Rotations

As you drive, you're wearing down the tread on your tires. Certain roads may cause your tires to wear more unevenly than others. It's also natural for front and back tires to wear differently based on your vehicle and the different driving conditions. Rotating the tires helps to even out the wear, so you're less likely to need new tires sooner than necessary.

In Saint James, NY, you can rely on the service center at Smithtown Kia to provide you with tire rotations for your vehicle. We can tell you what the wear level is on your…

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In Need of New Tires?

Tire treads wear down gradually each time you drive. Measuring the depth of your tire tread may be challenging. Our professional mechanics are however giving you a few tips here on how you, should carry out the exercise.

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