Winter is Approaching - Some Winter Preparation Tips!

As Smithtown and Huntington drivers have probably noticed, the seasons are changing! If you're not already thinking about prepping your vehicle to take on the snow, slush, and extreme cold, you might want to start! From tires to anti-freeze to oil changes, there's a great deal that North Port and Ronkonkoma drivers can do to winterize their vehicle. If you've never experienced a winter with bunches of snow and ruthless roads, you certainly will want to prepare properly. Fret not! Smithtown Kia is ready to help drivers from Long Island to Centereach prepare their vehicle to take on the winter months.

Winter Tires - What's the deal?

New York drivers that have heard about winter tires but are wondering whether they're really necessary can rest easy. Yes, they're important! It's important to get yourself a set of good winter or studded tires. Winter tires are designed to grip the road under cold conditions, providing Kings Park drivers with increased traction during snow, muddy, slushy, and wet conditions. Studded tires provide increased traction as well. The main difference between studded and winter tires is that studded tires comes with studs (shocker, right?). Well, studs are protruding bits of metal that are embedded in the rubber of the tire, helping to provide biting traction. The metal will dig into icy roads, providing more traction for Smithtown drivers. Beyond the tires, drivers might want to get their oil changed, too.

The Service Team at Smithtown Kia!

Want to schedule a service appointment to get snow tires put on? Drivers can utilize our service center to easily schedule from their New York home. Stop by our dealership and get your vehicle prepared for winter today!


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