Extreme Temperatures: Harsh on Your Car's Battery

Many people would swear that car batteries check their internal calendars and schedule their time to die in the coldest moments of winter. Others would argue that the heat of the summer shortens the lifespan of the battery even more so than the frigid cold. Who is correct? In reality, both perspectives can be correct because extreme temperatures are really the culprit.

Lead acid batteries used in cars are typically designed to perform at their best in the mid-range temperatures that are most common. However, when the blustery winter winds come a blowing, battery performance can drop by 20 percent or more. At the same time, when the dog days of summer arrive, batteries experienced increased capacity at the cost of a decreased lifespan.

To avoid being stuck with a dead battery in either situation, stop by Smithtown Kia for a battery check-up when you're in the Saint James, NY area.

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