The Importance of Regular Tire Rotations

Getting to the service center so the tire technicians can rotate the tires on your vehicle will have a huge positive impact on your ability to drive safely. Consider these reasons to get the tires rotated at least every 5,000 - 6,000 miles, straight from our team at Smithtown Kia:

If you are traveling too long on tires that are not being rotated, they will start to wear in an uneven pattern which is going to cause the car to begin to severely pull to one side or the other at higher speeds. This can make it dangerous for you and others on the road.

If you can't get the car to the service center every other oil change for a tire rotation, the car is going to begin to lose the ability to grip the road properly, and in slick conditions, you could be in trouble.

At 726 Middle Country Road, you can rest assured knowing we are going to rotate and inspect your tires correctly.

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