Things to check before going on your most anticipated road trip

Excitement to explore one of your dream destinations might inhibit your memory, making you forget to check the condition of your car before embarking for the journey. Visiting new destinations far from Saint James, NY involves travelling unfamiliar roads. Other than keenness and observing road signs, your car’s condition goes a long way in determining how smooth your ride will be. Smithtown Kia advises that you check out the following items before going on your adventure.

Tire pressure
The steadiness and speed of your car are highly boosted by good pressure levels of the tire. Ensure that the pressure levels do not exceed manufacturer’s recommended levels.

Fluid levels
Wiper fluids, brake fluids, and other necessary fluids ensure functionality of different components. Use your car’s dipstick to ensure the fluids are enough to avoid frustrations in the midst of nowhere.

Spare wheel 
Deflation of tires renders your vehicle immobile. Moving on the road with a deflated tire will destroy the rim, an expensive component of your tires. Check for the presence of an inflated and puncture free spare wheel at the spare wheel slot of your car.

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