In Need of New Tires?

Tire treads wear down gradually each time you drive. Measuring the depth of your tire tread may be challenging. Our professional mechanics are however giving you a few tips here on how you, should carry out the exercise.

  • Insert a penny into the tire, and if the top of Lincoln's head is visible, then the tread is still good.
  • You can also use a tire wear bar to act as an indicator such that when you physically inspect it, you can determine whether it's worn out. Most tires contain six or more wear bars.

Tread depth is essential since it keeps your car on the track to avoid getting accidents anyhow. If you monitor the depth of your tire treads, therefore you can easily control the car when it rains and when driving on wet or icy roads.

Contact our service department for help in case you are unable to tell whether your tires need replacement.

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