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Are You Prepared Enough?

If you're thinking of going on a road trip, then make sure that you leave prepared. Do you have an emergency roadside kit? Did you do your pre-check to make sure all your fluids are full and your tires look good? Do you have a full tank of gas? It just takes a few minutes to do your pre-check, and it can save you a world of trouble in the long run. Make sure you don't forget anything by making a list of things you should bring on your trip and things you absolutely have to do before…

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Could the All-New 2017 Kia Niro be Your Vehicular Hero?

No matter how you slice it, there sure is an awful lot to appreciate about the 2017 Niro, Kia's all-new compact hybrid crossover.

"Such as what?" you wonder.

Allow Kelley Blue Book Senior Associate Video Editor Zach Vlasuk to explain; his critique of the Niro is as follows:

Beneath the nose of the Niro, a 1.6-liter four-cylinder gasoline engine works in tandem with an electric motor and lithium-polymer battery. Coupling with a six-speed, dual-clutch automatic transmission and front-wheel drive, the Niro's hybrid drivetrain is rated at a respectable 139 horsepower and 195 pound-feet ...

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How to Help Avoid Danger On the Road

When we are driving on the roads, there may be potential dangers we can run into. The good thing is that many of those dangerous things can get prevented. Many dangerous situations on the road are preventable and avoidable. There are many ways to prevent and avoid problems on the road and be a safer driver as well.

Planning ahead can help you avoid accidents. If you plan ahead and account for traffic, you will not feel rushed when driving somewhere. Feeling rushed can lead to driving above the speed limit and can result in an accident...

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A Roadside Emergency Kit Can Help You

Many things can happen to you while you’re on the road. The best thing you can do is always be prepared for as many situations as you can. In an emergency, you want to be prepared to hold out for a while. Things you should put into a kit are; band-aids and bandages, for cuts and scrapes. You should bring some water especially if it is in the warmer months because this can become quite helpful. Make sure you bring a map in case your phone fails, and you need to walk to a gas station or local rest…

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Ways to Improve Your Gas Mileage in Smithtown

Improving your gas mileage does two big things for Smithtown drivers: 1) You can drive further on a single tank of gas; and 2) You save money by not having to buy gas as frequently. Wouldn't it be wonderful if you could improve your gas mileage? Good news! You can! Try these simple driving and maintenance tips with your Kia for better fuel efficiency.

Slow down: The faster you go, the harder your engine has to work to power through the extra wind resistance. Slow down and ease your engine's load.

Pack less: Your engine uses more fuel…

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The Kia Soul Wins Best Compact Car for the Money

When you spend the money to buy a new vehicle, you expect to get a fair amount of features, space, and comfort to make the purchase worthwhile. Some cars don't deliver, but the one that definitely will in Smithtown is the 2017 Kia Soul. How do we know? The Soul was named the Best Compact Car for the Money by U.S. News & World Report…

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How to Keep your Car Looking Clean All Winter

Not only is winter a horrible season to drive in with all of the ice and the snow, but it is also the worst season for keeping your car clean. With the abundance of salt, sand, and grime on the roads your car can never stay clean. Luckily, we here at Smithtown Kia in Smithtown, NY, have found a great tip to keep your Kia shinning all winter.

The biggest tip is yes, wash your car. Washing your car in the winter can help keep the paint in great shape by getting rid of all the salt and sand on…

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Stay Safe with these Winter Driving Tips

The winter is a treacherous time for driving with the snow and ice making roads horrendous. Staying safe in the winter isn’t just about having the right tires, but making sure you and your car are prepared for winter. That includes everything from fluids, gas, and small tricks to make driving in the winter easier.

One of the first things you can do to stay safe when driving in the winter is by making sure that you have fresh fluids in your car. One fluid in particular you want to make sure you have is windshield washer fluid. The…

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2018 Kia Stinger Concept Wows in Detroit

The recent North American International Auto Show provided a global audience of auto fans the chance to experience the newest innovations and concept vehicles in the auto industry. The popular Kia brand did not disappoint at the annual event, uncovering a brand new 2018 Kia Stinger concept car!


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